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The 2019 IHK [Chamber of Industry and Commerce] vote: Wolfram Gstrein voted member of the general assembly once again28.02.2019
Wolfram Gstrein, Managing Director for VTU Engineering Deutschland, put himself forward as a candidate for the 2019 IHK vote where, once again, he was elected into the general assembly for the Frankfurt am Main Chamber of Industry and Commerce. As a result, he will continue to occupy one of the 14 seats in the “Industry” electoral group – as he has done for the past five years. As part of this position, he will represent the interests of all tradespeople within this sector.

Born in Austria, Gstrein has managed the international planning company’s German VTU subsidiary since 2001. As a co-owner of the parent group, he is also responsible for the strategic orientation of the entire corporate group.

Due to his many years of work as a managing director and shareholder, Wolfram Gstrein is very familiar with the issues and challenges facing entrepreneurs. As a service provider for large – to some extent, international – German companies, he is well aware of the challenges which these face in terms of market and location. As a member of the general assembly, his goal is to contribute his knowledge and his experience towards keeping the location of Frankfurt, as well as that of the Rhine-Main region, attractive for industry and industry-related services, as well as to represent the interests of this economic sector in a manner which also complies with entrepreneurial, societal and social responsibilities.


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